July 20, 2017


Good evening GN Family, 
  Because this meet is 3 days with trials and finals I wanted to give everyone an arrival time to ensure there was proper time for warm up prior to competition. For tomorrow I would like everyone to arrive at the facility by 11:00 a.m.  Tomorrow's events are the 200m trials/Shot Put/1500m/400mh and Discus. 1500m is later in the afternoon and arrival for that event is 1:00 p.m.  

Saturday's event are: The 100m semi/400m semi/And Throw Finals. Arrival for the meet is 8:00am. 9:30a.m. for 400m athletes. 

On Sunday events are the 800m, running events and turbo javelin. Please plan to arrive at 8:00am for the 800m  and all other final events 10:00
If there any questions regarding the posted times please refer to the UAGTCA.org website. 
Please remember to have plenty of fluids forathletes as the forecast is slated to be very warm. 

In track, 
​​​​​​​Coach Milton